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How do I book studio time?

Looking to book our studios? Connect using our ONLINE BOOKING system, or give us a call, the old-fashioned way. Always good. +1 212-397-0601

How do you handle invoicing?

Ah. The payment thing. We make it easy here, invoicing electronically and allowing payment via PayPal, Stripe, ACH and cheque.

All invoiced services due 30 days after receipt of invoice. Non payments or late payments are subject to additional fees. Returned cheque fees or NSF fees = $25 per transaction.

How does someone "Get into Voiceover?"

This question & answer will be different for everyone, and consider that it’s based on a few factors.

Like talent. Business savvy. Industry knowledge. Training. Equipment & studio setup. And, of course, that something no one can completely describe…

So there’s no “perfect” answer. And you won’t get a formula from us. We aren’t here to sell you a solution toward making quick money. At Abacus, we train artists. Record high-quality voiceover demos. Market you toward success in an industry we’re proud to be part of.

If this sounds appealing to you, give us a call or book a FREE Voice Assessment with our trainers. We love talking to people, and we won’t tell you that you have a future in this business just to make a buck. You’ll get an honest assessment of your voice, your abilities and the truth about what’s happening now in #VO.

How much does it cost?

You’ll make key investments over the course of your career in voice over.

Voiceover Training – expect to pay anywhere from $100-$200 /hr for professional coaches

One initial factor will be the cost of coaching + training with professionals who can teach you the basics and beyond. This cost typically comes at an hourly training rate, within the range of $100-$200 per hour, depending upon the level of training requested, and from whom.

Demo Production – expect to pay anywhere from $1500-$2000 for a well-produced demo

The second investment will be the creation of your demos. At the start of your career, a well-produced demo will open doors to audition and casting opportunities, garner agency attention, and introduce your work to clients. As your career progresses, your demo will become your demos – genre-specific records of what you’re able to accomplish. These vocal calling cards will require a bit more investment, and deciding where (and when) to record your demo is key to getting the most from your money.

Can I Record a Demo Without Training?

The simple answer is “no”.

At Abacus, we consider a well-produced demo to be reflective of who you are as an artist, letting clients and producers know exactly what you can do. With this in mind, your demo is perhaps one of the most serious investments you can make in a voiceover career, and by recording one before you’re well trained can be akin to putting the proverbial cart before the horse…

So we train first. It is a means of giving you the greatest possible advantage when you enter the industry as a new talent. A step up, and one of the advantages of working with us. You’ll be evaluated by our coaches, who will let you know their professional opinion on where you stand with regard to recording a demo or moving forward into promoting yourself in the voice over industry.

Are you an experienced talent, looking for a demo refresh or fresh representation of your work? BOOK A CONSULT and we’ll discuss demo options for any budget or possible genre.

Do you offer help with Auditions?

Absolutely. Our instructors are here to help work you through that moment when it really, really matters…

Get audition help in private Zoom rooms, Skype in or just head down to the Studio and we’ll help with the whole thing. Direction. Feedback. Pushing you to your max creative threshold? Yeah, we’ve got that covered. BOOK HERE

Add me to your Voiceover Roster?


All Abacus students who either train with us or record demos in our studio are automatically added to our internal casting roster.


Abacus typically casts projects for our production partners, who request casting as part of their booking – sort of an all-in-one deal. If you’d like your name in the hat, so to speak, then please check out the following requirements and send along your demo for consideration.

We require:
  1. Voiceover Experience
  2. Professionally Engineered Demo
  3. Studio Availability (either in person via our NYC studios or via SourceConnect, iPDTL or ISDN)

Sound like you? Great! Please fill out the Roster Request form and get noticed!

We’re happy to work with agents and managers for booking purposes. Abacus does not take a commission on casting projects, and we’re glad to work with industry leaders at all levels.

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