Booking time with our coaches is based upon their scheduling, and may alter upon quick notice. Appointments can be rescheduled according to your availability as well, and booking fees may be applied to the rescheduled session date.


Payment is due in full before all coaching appointments, without exception. Class tickets and fees shall be paid before class attendance.

Studio bookings and audio/video recording appointments may require deposits.

Demos and finished audio will not be delivered until full payment has been received.

Coaching Rates

Coaching rates are scheduled per hour. If you pre-pay below for a session, and request more time during your session, you will be billed at the same rate for the amount of time extended and agreed upon during your session.

Online Coaching Connections

Online coaching is connected via Zoom or Skype. If you need help using these technologies, please view the help documents HERE (Skype) and HERE (Zoom). It is your job to be prepared for lessons, and to have your audio and video ready to connect with your coach.

Coaching and Class Audio

Audio recording of your coaching and classroom sessions will be accomplished and released at the discretion of your individual coaches and on their timeframe. Abacus is not responsible for audio files delivered back and forth between coaches and students.

Webinar Downloads

If you purchase a webinar download, the video will be available for 30 days, after which your link will expire. If you need help locating your file, email us at for help.