Elevate your performance and move your career forward!

If you’re a working voiceover artist, ready to elevate your performance and move to the next level, Jack can help.

His coaching style works on “performance enhancement”, providing personal daily habits and techniques that will improve your reads. Jack can point you toward industry connections and professionals able to boost your career rather than just take your money. Get direction and guidance from someone who’s been there, and stop doing the same thing over and over…

Quit the insanity. Book time with Jack and up your promo game, your narration game, and your connection with the voiceover industry.

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Jack Dennis

Voiceover Pro Specialist

When you work with a pro like Jack, your reads improve! He’s a true veteran of the promo world, and his straight-shooting, no-nonsense style is exactly the challenge your career needs. // Christian Rosselli, Voiceover Artist

Pro coaching with Jack is available to experienced talent only.


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